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We understand that people wear the clothes that suit their attitude, goal, passion, and emotions, so we, at QuadroCamisa Co. let you have the freedom to wear the clothes that define who you really are. Are you that geek who hungers for knowledge? Or the artist or philosopher who sees things differently? Perhaps, you are that passionate advocate who lives for a purpose, or the enthusiast who just can’t get enough. We are QuadroCamisa Co. and we are here to let you express what drives you to live each day with vigor, stay in a purpose-driven community, or live your dreams in this big town. Let your words be heard. Let people see your art. Let the world understand your purpose. We are QuadroCamisa Co. and we are every printed color, figure and word that let you be your own person. QuadroCamisa Co. is a duly registered garments printing company operating mainly online. Although based in Santa Cruz, Manila, it caters to clients, both individuals and businesses, from anywhere in the Philippines.

custom-made tops

We customize tops ranging from round neck, v-neck to polo shirts. Present your design and we'll do our best to customize them for you. Our artists are always willing to give expert advice.

custom-made bags

Our latest offering is customized bags made of canvas, poly-cotton, polyester and water-proof fabric. You can rely on our fine print quality to make your bags look professional and worth using!


We only aim to provide our clients products and services that exceed expectations.


Through the years, we have written our stories so we can inspire lives.

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