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Quadro Camisa Co.

Artistically Purposeful
We are Quadro Camisa Co.

Established by individulas with a common background in chemical engineering, this company integrates art with science.

We believe that the printing indusry has played an important role in the world today. Just imagine the modern world without prints.


Well.... honestly, it doesn't look that bad but the point is prints have made the world a better place to look at and it has kept everything in order.

What if toilets don't have signs on them? And we don't have anything to read on paper? No billboards to advertise your business on? No variations in the clothes we wear? No indicators of danger?

We can only describe it as a plain disaster.

Hence, we have to thank our forefathers who once lived in caves because they discovered vandalism which eventually led the human race to the wonderful, colorful and purposeful world of prints.

So, here we are. A company built from purpose and the need to express art. 



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